Retreat for Midlife Women 2023
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Are you ready to embark on a soul-stirring, heart-opening adventure of healing, empowerment , and joyful connection? 
Join me, Junie Moon, among the magical red rocks of Sedona to stoke your Inner Queen Flame so that you can call in Next Level Love in this precious stage of life - being fully you and loving it!
This transformational Love Ignition Retreat is for you if you’re:
A woman who refuses to settle for the ordinary in partnership and craves depth, authenticity and a partner who has your back.
Unwilling to compromise your values and are ready to own your worth unapologetically! 
Ready to transform the negative beliefs that have caused you to doubt yourself and that love is possible after 40 & take a bold stand for your Inner Queen’s Relationship Desires!
Unwilling to settle for anything less than what you truly deserve, both in your personal and romantic pursuits.
Sick of the self sabotage, want to let go of the past and experience healthy connection.
Ready to clear the path to Your Divine Right Partner
Prepared to rise as the queen of your own journey, ready to embrace life's offerings with unwavering self-assurance and purpose!
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Junie Moon, CEO of Midlife Love Out Loud As Seen on...
Here's what you'll get:
Boundary-Building Tools for Empowerment: Learn to hold your ground, speak your truth from the heart, and make choices aligned with what matters most to you.
Engaging Exercises to Heal and Open Your Heart: Experience a safe and nurturing environment where you can address old wounds to help you foster deep connection to your true self and others. 
Igniting the Fire Within: Ignite your inner spark and reignite your passions, inspiring you to call in Next Level Love. 
Sparking Belief in Yourself: Unlock a deep-seated belief in YOU. Tap into your Inner Queen’s Flame to cultivate an unshakable confidence that fuels you to create a life filled with authentic real love.
Cultivating Possibility: Explore the realm of what's possible for you in relationships, breaking through limiting beliefs and embracing the vast potential that lies ahead.
❤️ An opportunity to give yourself the gift of quality time to go within, get clear about what’s next for you in relationships, heal, have fun and ignite your passion for life! ❤️
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About Junie Moon
 CEO of Midlife Love Out Loud, a Global Love Mentor, Best-selling Author, Women's Empowerment Leader, and Certified Shadow Work® Coach, Junie has supported thousands of women over the past 30 years to claim what is their birthright: the freedom to be and love themselves without apology. When women experience this freedom,  they attract life-long Next Level Love and experience an extraordinary second half of life.

Through her unique transformative exercises, Junie guides women in unlocking their hearts, recognizing their inherent value, and to boldly step forward in life with unwavering courage. This reclamation journey empowers them to call in Next Level Love - with or without a partner. Women discover the ability to embrace this precious life stage with confidence, playfulness, and grace.

Junie has been seen on News 12 New Jersey, Blog Talk Radio, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global and in the Newark International with her film Shed the Shame that she produced and starred in. She's also the International Bestselling author of Loving The Whole Package: Shed The Shame and Live Life Out Loud, International Award winning speaker and host of the successful Midlife Love Out Loud podcast. Junie has shared the stage with Sheri Winston, John Gray, Arielle Ford and other ground-breaking thought leaders of our time. 
Our Sacred Container
Nestled in the heart of Sedona, Sedonya Conscious Living Center will be your home for your transformative 3-day retreat. 
 What's waiting for you? 
Three days of transformational exercises to bring you home to YOU!
A deep connection with the beauty and energy of Sedona.
A sacred circle of loving sisters, composed of women committed to personal growth and well-being.
A transformational vacation that guarantees joy, renewal and fun! Gotta have fun!
***Please note: Travel, lodging, and meals are not included. You will be provided with a healthy, mid-morning daily snack.

If your heart resonates with the call to be free, alive, and truly excited about life, YOUR life, and you want to learn how to call in Healthy, Real Love, then
this retreat was crafted with you in mind!
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What Women are saying...
Before working with Junie, I was uncomfortable dating and didnt have a lot of confidence. I struggled trusting men. I felt the need to be in control. I now know what was holding me back and where my challenges came from  – my controlling father.

Working with Junie helped me overcome the relationship and communication patterns I’d developed growing up. This work really opened me up to enjoying life so much more, and realizing that I don’t need to be in control all the time. It’s helped me date with confidence, to know I’m enough and I found out more about myself than any of the therapy work that I experienced (and I’ve done years of therapy!).
- Marsha May
Before working with Junie I only let people see certain parts of me and I struggled. I didn’t value myself and hide who I was.

After working with Junie, I realized I wasn’t giving all of who I am. I now realize that I need to be me, to let people in so that I can have a solid foundation for a relationship. I have to be my authentic true self.

Junie, you gave me freedom. Freedom from the restrictions that I placed on myself; freedom to be who I am and not worry how people are going to receive me. If I can be me, then they’ll either take it or leave it.
- Julie
Are meals and lodging included?
Although we provide a healthy mid-morning snack daily, your travel, lodging, and meals are not included. We can support you with lodging suggestions to suit all budgets. Here are some recommendations for local hotels and restaurants.   
What if an emergency comes up and I need to cancel? Are there refunds? 
There are no refunds for the retreat. We strongly recommend you get travel insurance. It takes only a few minutes and it will cover airfare, hotels, lost luggage and the cost of the retreat. Make sure you read the details because plans can differ. We’ve heard good things about
Do I have to stay for all 3 days? What If I have to leave early. 
You’ll want to stay for the whole thing. It’s a 3-day immersive experience and to get the full activation, staying until completion is encouraged.  With that said, things can come up.  Because we are creating a sacred sisterhood container, if you do leave, you would not be able to return. It would be disruptive to the event. 
I’m not single. Can I come if I’m in a relationship?
Absolutely. This is an event for all midlife women looking to uplevel their lives.   Many will be single and at the end of the day, we are all women wanting a fulfilling, life of love. 
How many participants will there be? 
It will be an intimate group with a maximum of 20 participants. 
What's the closest airport? 
Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is closest but costs a bit more money. Phoenix International airport is further away but much cheaper. 
Covid Policies
As we approach the event, we will see what’s happening with covid. It's constantly changing. For now the policy is, if you have any signs of illness, please do not come. Masks will be optional. 
Retreat Schedule & Hours
Monday: Registration and welcome 9-9:30, Session #1: 9:30-1, Session #2: 3-5:30, Session: 3 7:30-9
Tuesday: Session #1: 9:30-1, Session #2: 3-5:30, Session #3: 7:30
Wednesday: Session #1 9:30-1, Session #2: 3-5

If you have any questions, email us at and we'll get right back to you! ❤️
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